powder metallurgy, press tooling and cutting.


» Powder metallurgy
The company was founded in 1979 by engineers who were passionate about high precision and high quality.  They started a programme of investment that continues today, both in terms of staff and resources, to maintain a leading position in technology and know-how.

Mission Statement :
customer satisfaction
enter new markets, particularly abroad


Sumca employ more than 45 staff.  Our experienced technicians have enhanced our reputation over the years.

train young people in the latest technologies
continuous training throughout the working life
community spirit within the company
tight controls in producing and checking products

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Sumca innovation in precision machining : tight controls and leading technology located in mayenne cutting and machining of advanced mechanical pieces : punches and compression tool ejectors, adaptors, compression of metallic, ferrite, ceramic powder. Parts for cutting and overmoulding tools, mecanical sub-assemblies for the automotive industry, food industry, connectors, machining of hard metals, setting up of controls, wear parts, punches, forming tools, dies, press tooling